"Little Acorns works! I dont use your staking plan I use level stake laying at all weather tracks only and it works a treat for me! In fairness your staking plan does make more profits but I prefer the more steady growth and compound my profits over month by month. Whichever staking method you choose I am sure it will make a profit all round as it just makes great common sense! Thanks."   W Belmont. Neasden


And Little Acorns© wipes out the competition for FIVE YEARS
in succession to also land
Lucy's Betting Oscars
Best in Class Award for...




...2015 and 2016

And in 2017...
the beat goes on with
another rip-roaring success!

Little Acorns© is awarded the
supreme and much coveted
betting accolade of the year...

"Best Horse Racing System"



It doesn't end there
because in 2022...

Little Acorns© was presented with
Honest Betting Reviews

"Best Horse Racing
Service Award"


“And Now it's YOUR
Opportunity to Kick Start
this SAFE Income Stream
for just £2.00 a Race!”

Level Stake Laying Option at 2.00 or below - So No High Liabilities!

“Your Little Acorns formula makes me feel very comfortable every time I use it. I'm up exactly £1,770 in 2-weeks...”
P. Cotterill, Solihull, UK.

From: Andrew David

Grab yourself a cuppa and make yourself comfortable!

What I'm about to reveal is going to really excite you and help make your betting account grow and grow, week after week, month after month.

Only a handful of lucky folk outside of our office know this formula exists, and are using it to their advantage even as you read.

You are about to learn details of a most exciting way of winning stress free profits which will both surprise and delight you...

I'll be upfront - what I'm about to tell you centres upon laying horses to LOSE, and yes I know you've heard it all before, but please bear with me on this one and accept this easy challenge…

Simply make a note of your betting balance,
then follow the Little Acorns© formula for
just 30-days. Afterwards, take another
look at your betting balance...

Let's just say you'll be pleasantly surprised!

What you're about to read will likely turn onto its head everything you ever thought about laying horses to lose. In all my years of researching, analysing and recommending the very best of sports betting investments, I've never come across such an excitingly successful and safe method of laying horses as the Little Acorns© Low-Liability Laying System.

In the next few minutes you'll discover how the most perilous risk involved in laying horses to lose has been skilfully overcome by a talented but unassuming racing guru. His exceptionally clever and copyright protected formula gives you a simple low stress way of reliably securing profits which average...

Between 7 & 35 times more than whatever starting stake
you choose... All safe in the knowledge you are NOT
exposing yourself to high payout liabilities!

Yes, you read that correctly!

In a moment I'll explain everything to you and give you details of actual and provable recent results. But first, for the benefit of those who are new to the concept, laying a horse to lose means you take on the role of bookmaker in a small way. When a horse loses, you win and keep your punter's stake. When a horse wins, you return your punter's stake and payout an additional amount in keeping with the odds you gave when the bet was placed.


The principle is simple enough and you'll know, of course, that regular bookmakers' have used it for years albeit on a larger scale to reliably line their own deep pockets with plenty of cash. What's more, they continue to grow rich using it today.

But nowadays, happily, betting exchanges like Betfair make it possible for you to 'play' at being bookie and to siphon off some of those rich cash profits for yourself.

Don't worry if this seems complicated to you right now - it isn't. Far from it!

Absolutely everything you need to know is explained in the Little Acorns© book in a clear step-by-step fashion, complete with actual screen shots. In fact, using this mighty formula and making regular profits is as easy as getting wet in the rain!

Prior to the arrival of Little Acorns© you were restricted to ordinary laying systems simply because there wasn't anything better available. And the unpalatable and shocking truth is that the downside of those vulnerable ordinary laying systems has always been - and remains to this day - the risk that you could collect more than your fair share of punters who place winning bets with you, thus wiping out all your profits and wreaking havoc upon your betting bank in the process.

Now then, tell me truthfully... if you happen to be experienced in laying horses to lose, isn't that the dismal recurring scenario you presently have to live with every time you accept a lay?

Well, you're not alone! And if like those countless others who share your dismay you're sick and tired of seeing your laying profits decimated by a torturous run of losing lays, and feeling powerless to fight back, then Little Acorns© will blow your mind!

And even if you're a complete betting novice who doesn't know one end of a horse from the other, you'll no doubt readily appreciate the critical need to control your pay-outs to the absolute minimum in order to ever stand a chance of making a reliable stress-free profit from laying horses to lose.

And now, expert or novice, you can more
easily exercise that control because...

Little Acorns© incorporates an obscure but vital selection filter which is persistently ignored by all the ordinary laying systems you may care to mention and yet crucially...

Enables you to all but completely
cut out your potential losses!

What does that mean for you?

Simply this...

Whether you're an experienced bettor or have never before in your life placed a wager... Little Acorns© is a take-it-to-the-bank legitimate investment opportunity capable of putting hundreds or even thousands of tax-free Pounds, Dollars, or Euros into your pocket within the next three months alone. Whilst at the same time compressing your overall potential losses down to almost vanishing point, sending the trend on your profit graph soaring robustly north with only the occasional dip south.


All you need to get started is a home computer, an Internet connection, and the willingness to set aside a mere 15 to 20 minutes a day to follow the simple step-by-step instructions for your chance to routinely capture a remarkably low-risk tax-free income of £20,000 or more a year from just SMALL STAKES.

Little Acorns© is NOT about nonsensical claims. It IS about your making sensible gains using a powerful but short and easy-to-understand laying formula together with - very importantly - your freedom to choose levels of stakes within your personal comfort zone!

Heck, I first started with small £5 lays but you can kick-start this safe income stream for yourself with tiny £2 lays if you wish. As a matter of fact, I recommend you do just that until you become familiar with this potent but simple selection process and can see for yourself the exciting results you achieve.

Once you've got that cast iron first-hand personal proof under your belt you'll have all the confidence you need to progressively move up the staking ladder at a sensible pace, to give you the tax-free income you want without putting a noose around your neck.

Remember I told you earlier how Little Acorns© gives you an average profit range of between 7 and 35 times your starting stake?

Well... take a look now at how amply your Little Acorns© profits can grow, even with just small stakes ~

Start with £2 - win £14 to £70 every month.

Start with £5 - win £35 to £175 every month.

Start with £10 - win £70 to £350 every month.

Start with £50 - win £350 to £1,750 every month.

Bigger returns call for bigger stakes, of course. But take my tip, don't sneer at the tiny £2 and £5 beginner's stakes. Start small, and after a couple of months you should be in a position to up your stakes using the money Little Acorns© has already put into your pocket.

And there's more good news...

Your lays can be placed and left, so you don't need to be in front of your computer during live racing.

You use a unique 3-step guide which takes you as little as 10 minutes from start to finish once you've gained some small experience.

You enjoy LOW LIABILITY so you're NOT putting your financial neck on the line.

The original Little Acorns© staking plan has given excellent service for many years, and it continues to deliver great results to this day.

Here are provable actual results which you too can expect to achieve.

Original Staking Plan Results

DEC 2022


+05.55 Points Profit

NOV 2022


+10.15 Points Profit

OCT 2022


+07.90 Points Profit

SEP 2022


+06.60 Points Profit

AUG 2022


+13.05 Points Profit

JUL 2022


-04.85 Points Loss

JUN 2022


+08.12 Points Profit

MAY 2022


+07.33 Points Profit

APR 2022


+05.33 Points Profit

MAR 2022


+09.91 Points Profit

FEB 2022


-05.32 Points Loss

JAN 2022


+04.20 Points Profit

DEC 2021


+07.15 Points Profit

NOV 2021


+11.85 Points Profit

OCT 2021


-04.30 Points Loss

SEP 2021


+08.44 Points Profit

AUG 2021


+03.55 Points Profit

JUL 2021


+11.84 Points Profit

JUN 2021


+01.92 Points Profit

MAY 2021


+11.73 Points Profit

APR 2021


+08.88 Points Profit

MAR 2021


+06.10 Points Profit

FEB 2021


+04.99 Points Profit

JAN 2021


+05.63 Points Profit

DEC 2020


+07.14 Points Profit

NOV 2020


+03.33 Points Profit

OCT 2020


+11.22 Points Profit

SEP 2020


+04.57 Points Profit

AUG 2020


+05.95 Points Profit

JUL 2020


+07.10 Points Profit

JUN 2020


+05.85 Points Profit

MAY 2020


No racing

APR 2020


No racing

MAR 2020


+00.80 Points Profit
(Racing only to 17th.)

FEB 2020


+03.30 Points Profit

JAN 2020


+06.45 Points Profit

DEC 2019


+07.55 Points Profit

NOV 2019


+11.10 Points Profit

OCT 2019


-02.40 Points Loss

SEP 2019


+05.10 Points Profit

AUG 2019


+03.95 Points Profit

JUL 2019


+08.50 Points Profit

JUN 2019


+07.95 Points Profit

MAY 2019


-13.11 Points Loss

APR 2019


+11.05 Points Profit

MAR 2019


-04.10 Points Loss

FEB 2019


+05.70 Points Profit

JAN 2019


+03.40 Points Profit

DEC 2018


+10.90 Points Profit

NOV 2018


+13.10 Points Profit

OCT 2018


+12.40 Points Profit

SEP 2018


+14.10 Points Profit

AUG 2018


+06.90 Points Profit

JUL 2018


- 11.50 Points Loss

JUN 2018


+11.90 Points Profit

MAY 2018

+10.10 Points Profit

APR 2018


+07.10 Points Profit

MAR 2018


+08.40 Points Profit

FEB 2018


+09.50 Points Profit

JAN 2018


+12.10 Points Profit

DEC 2017


- 07.80 Points Loss

NOV 2017


+13.10 Points Profit

OCT 2017


+07.90 Points Profit

SEP 2017


+14.05 Points Profit

AUG 2017


+11.10 Points Profit

JUL 2017


- 07.90 Points Loss

JUN 2017


+09.90 Points Profit

MAY 2017


+11.10 Points Profit

APR 2017


+11.40 Points Profit

MAR 2017


+11.50 Points Profit

FEB 2017


+12.10 Points Profit

JAN 2017


+10.10 Points Profit

DEC 2016


+08.90 Points Profit

NOV 2016


+09.60 Points Profit

OCT 2016


+11.25 Points Profit

SEP 2016


+13.35 Points Profit

AUG 2016


+08.75 Points Profit

JUL 2016


- 07.70 Points Loss

JUN 2016


- 02.65 Points Loss

MAY 2016


+12.55 Points Profit

APR 2016


+10.65 Points Profit

MAR 2016


+08.90 Points Profit

FEB 2016


+09.30 Points Profit

JAN 2016


+11.90 Points Profit

DEC 2015


+07.90 Points Profit

NOV 2015


+12.60 Points Profit

OCT 2015


+08.89 Points Profit

SEP 2015


+14.05 Points Profit

AUG 2015


+09.90 Points Profit

JUL 2015


+09.15 Points Profit

JUN 2015


- 03.70 Points Loss

MAY 2015


+13.10 Points Profit

APR 2015


+02.00 Points Profit

MAR 2015


+13.22 Points Profit

FEB 2015


+13.25 Points Profit

JAN 2015


+11.25 Points Profit

DEC 2014


+15.20 Points Profit

NOV 2014


+10.90 Points Profit

OCT 2014


+08.08 Points Profit

SEP 2014


+08.85 Points Profit

AUG 2014


+07.73 Points Profit

JUL 2014


+13.30 Points Profit

JUN 2014


+11.77 Points Profit

MAY 2014


+07.20 Points Profit

APR 2014


+02.33 Points Profit

MAR 2014


+11.10 Points Profit

FEB 2014


+14.65 Points Profit

JAN 2014


+06.68 Points Profit

DEC 2013


+11.11 Points Profit

NOV 2013


+03.33 Points Profit

OCT 2013


+10.80 Points Profit

SEP 2013


+19.50 Points Profit

AUG 2013


+16.70 Points Profit

JUL 2013


+17.40 Points Profit

JUN 2013


+13.70 Points Profit

MAY 2013


- 05.90 Points Loss

APR 2013


+12.55 Points Profit

MAR 2013


+11.10 Points Profit

FEB 2013


+09.80 Points Profit

JAN 2013


+07.15 Points Profit

DEC 2012


+07.70 Points Profit

NOV 2012


+08.20 Points Profit

OCT 2012


+03.50 Points Profit

SEP 2012


+09.33 Points Profit

AUG 2012


- 11.37 Points Loss

JUL 2012


+09.40 Points Profit

JUN 2012


+30.33 Points Profit

MAY 2012


- 07.00 Points Loss

APR 2012


+23.50 Points Profit

MAR 2012


- 02.00 Points Loss

FEB 2012


+19.33 Points Profit

JAN 2012


- 14.00 Points Loss

DEC 2011


+17.33 Points Profit

NOV 2011


+24.22 Points Profit

OCT 2011


- 10.91 Points Loss

SEP 2011


+15.80 Points Profit

AUG 2011


+09.21 Points Profit

JUL 2011


+19.18 Points Profit

JUN 2011


- 12.00 Points Loss

MAY 2011


+14.44 Points Profit

APR 2011


+21.22 Points Profit

MAR 2011


+07.71 Points Profit

FEB 2011


+17.61 Points Profit

JAN 2011


+11.11 Points Profit

DEC 2010


+19.68 Points Profit

NOV 2010


- 00.73 Points Loss

OCT 2010


+12.11 Points Profit

SEP 2010


+09.29 Points Profit

AUG 2010


- 06.99 Points Loss

JUL 2010


+09.63 Points Profit

JUN 2010


+09.91 Points Profit

MAY 2010


+10.12 Points Profit

APR 2010


+21.04 Points Profit

MAR 2010


+05.33 Points Profit

FEB 2010


+13.09 Points Profit

JAN 2010


+07.18 Points Profit

DEC 2009


+12.79 Points Profit

NOV 2009


+01.00 Points Profit

OCT 2009


+17.77 Points Profit

SEP 2009


+17.49 Points Profit

AUG 2009


+10.10 Points Profit

JUL 2009


+21.90 Points Profit

JUN 2009


+13.33 Points Profit

MAY 2009


+23.20 Points Profit

APR 2009


+21.10 Points Profit

MAR 2009


+22.92 Points Profit

FEB 2009


+14.18 Points Profit

JAN 2009


+15.90 Points Profit

What's more, all the information you need to make this extra monthly TAX FREE CASH is freely available to you online - and I'll tell you exactly where to go to get it!

And bear in mind there are NO outrageous or silly claims here.

Just the impressive proven facts you can capitalise upon using Little Acorns© to build a sweet tax-free income and maybe fund an exotic holiday or two somewhere hot during the dark and cold winter months, pay-off a chunk of your mortgage, buy a new car, or just salt it all away for a rainy day.

Little Acorns© is an established and outstanding laying formula which has gone through many years of development and fine-tuning to give you an unprecedentedly safe and solid cash generating method you could use over and over again to your financial advantage, and all without taking unacceptable risks.

But look, you don't have to take just my word for it because...

Little Acorns© was the Category Winner for four successive years in the Lucy's Betting Oscars 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 awards, AND...

...the 2017 outright winner of the much sought after
"Best Horse Racing System" award!

(You'll have noted all the 'gongs' at the head of this page.)

Little Acorns© is also the second of only three betting systems ever to land the coveted 5 Star award for excellent performance, issued by the renowned and highly respected Betting System Truths website.

Here's what James of Betting System Truths has to say about Little
Acorns©, together with a self-explanatory graph he
maintained of his impressive test results ~

"Little acorns is a very very decent system. It works because it has the percentages on its side. Many people find little acorns a refreshing change as it makes money for longer than a year, whereas most fall off the radar quite quickly once purchased. Little acorns has proven to be a long term winner as it takes advantage of the unreliability of horse racing which as we all know is one thing that's certain.

"Little Acorns has now been upgraded since its review to 5 Stars and will remain a champion amongst its competitors.

"I think this system is an ideal addition to the portfolio of any serious punter and has our highest recommendation here at BST."

Betting System Truths

And now see what these thrilled users have to say about Little Acorns© ~

"At Last! My Betfair account is growing every month all from about 20 clicks of a mouse! What hard work! Thank you so much, it really is an excellent low risk way of making extra cash."
A.B., Limerick

"I was up and running within 20 minutes and made £150 from 3 lays on my first day! I have continued to make money every month since - by far the best laying formula I have seen."
J. Johnstone, Stockport

"By nature I don't like high risk investing, but your Little Acorns formula makes me feel very comfortable every time I use it. I am up exactly £1,770 in 2 weeks and have great plans on what to do with my money. Also, thanks for your help in getting me up and running from day 1."
P. Cotterill, Solihull

"I purchased Little Acorns 3 years ago simply because of the realistic profit figures that can be obtained. I was tired of trying ones that promised a £1,000 a week etc. I just needed to find something that could make reasonable amounts in a safe and secure way. So long as it made profits albeit small, I could then re-invest my winnings as my bank doubled. In other words using other peoples money.

"I promised myself this would be my last purchase of a 'Make Money from Betting' type of publication, and if it did not work I will just give up looking for good or work on developing my own.

"Experience has led me to believe its better to make small amounts frequently and gradually build, rather than aiming for large amounts quickly.

"Now, this it where it gets very interesting as you will see from my log below. I could have started on the lowest staking level of £2.00 as outlined in the book. (In fact, I would advise those new to Betting exchanges to start at the bottom level and only re-invest money already won. This will give them great confidence).

"However, as it looked very safe, I started on the third staking level of £10 and a bank of £1,420. (Publisher's Note: You would never have risked more than just £320 of the total bank in the whole of the first 12 months!)

"Here is my summary;

"End of year 1 - Profit of £2,880 - Monthly income of: £240.00p Total bank and profit at end of Year 1 of (£1,420 + £2,880) Total = £4,300 Therefore, this £4,300 was re-invested for Year 2.

"End of year 2 - Profit of £7,630 - Monthly income of: £635.83p Total bank and profit at end of Year 2 of (£4,300 + £7,630) Total = £11,930 Therefore, this £11,930 was re-invested for Year 3.

"End of year 3 - Profit of £20,162 - Monthly income of : £1,680.16p Total bank and profit at end of Year 3 of (£11,930 + £20,162) Total = £32,092.

"Year 4?..Well going much the same as the previous 3 which is fantastic, but I took out £15,000 on 21st December to leave with me £17,000 in my Betfair account for the 2008 campaign.

"There you have it. A nice income after 3 years by having a little patience. Not as much as the figures outlined in your book, but boy I can't complain! Also, in fairness I have to admit I missed Sunday & Monday of every of week due to my shift work.(Yes I still work, as I like to have many income streams!).

"To those considering on whether to join or not, I would say TAKE IT! And start ASAP!"
D.F., Brixham, Devon

It's simply never been easier for you to succeed!

Download the unique Little Acorns© Low-Liability Laying
formula now for only £97.00

The Place Profit Accelerator

Place Profit Accelerator
(Place Profits made Easy!)

+620.22 points profit in 56 months

How to profit from the very lucrative
place market in '3' simple steps!

As part of the Little Acorns fraternity you can claim this exciting FREE BONUS today.

The place market is fast becoming an area to plunder for great profits, especially when you use this unique approach which is often overlooked by the majority of Betfair players.

Here's how simple it can be when you know how...

  1. Circle the races which qualify. (Average 1-3 daily.)
  2. Check that the prices qualify.
  3. Place your lay bets.

That's it!

Here are the results produced by this astonishing little method from the very outset...

  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
January   -6.60 -13.70 +7.15 +8.10 +6.60 +4.05 +5.00 +11.55
February   +18.70 +12.30 +14.40 +11.30 +8.80 +6.00 -3.35 -1.75
March +18.23 +7.90 +5.50 +12.75 +4.40 +4.30 +3.85
To 17th.
+14.05 +9.90
April +22.15 +5.40 +7.90 +11.90 +6.90 +14.90 No racing +8.85 +12.10
May +42.05 +18.55 +3.40 +10.05 +11.10 +11.15 No racing +6.15 +5.20
June +7.95 +11.10 +2.25 -7.15 +17.70 +9.45 +14.90 +11.05 +7.65
July +14.40 +16.25 +13.05 +11.95 -7.10 -10.25 -1.00 +11.10 +9.35
August +29.30 +15.20 +5.50 +10.70 +16.90 +11.05 +9.95 +3.95 +13.55
September +12.10 +15.60 +8.75 +17.56 +9.90 +11.35 +8.40 +9.45 -2.20
October +19.90 +9.31 +14.05 +11.77 +2.10 -7.70 +5.95 -4.40 +14.30
November +11.90 +11.90 +9.80 +15.05 +15.05 +11.95 -4.70 +12.05 +12.10
December +16.30 +17.05 +12.25 +7.10 +13.05 +13.15 +12.10 +9.55 +8.15

Simplicity is the key to this bonus method so no need to worry about any complex form study. The Place Profit Accelerator method works the numbers not the form.

Gain access today and you too could soon be replicating the results above...and all from a liability no greater than 0.86 on any qualifying race.

Try this place method today and see how YOU can turn the highly lucrative place market to your financial advantage right away.

Little Acorns© now Includes the
Delayed Entry Staking Plan1

Try this new and increasingly popular staking plan for Little Acorns© which has really taken-off for many 'Acorn-ers'.

All that's required is a modicum of patience and then you can move forward and make profits using this new low-risk staking approach.

It's simply never been easier for you to succeed!


YOUR 30-Day "No Questions Asked"
Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee!

Order the Little Acorns© Low-Liability Laying Formula on approval and study and use it without obligation for the next 30 days.

I'm here to give you all the support you need to ensure you get the best out of the formula, but if it fails to make you a profit within 30 days you can simply have your money back...

No questions asked!

Within the next few hours you too could be putting Little Acorns© to work making a profit for you - one step ahead of the bookies and two steps ahead of the crowd!

The choice is yours, of course. Either you do nothing and leave your life unchanged, or you download this unrivalled Low-Liability Laying formula right now and put it to the test for yourself, risk-free, for 30-days. After all, when you come right down to it, you can have no finer recommendation than your own personal satisfaction, can you?

To secure your copy of the extraordinarily clever Little Acorns© formula... on approval... simply click on the Buy Now button below to enter the secure purchasing environment. It's quick. It's easy. And once you've made your discounted £97.00 risk-free payment you'll be taken to a page where you'll find the download link.

I'm so confident that you, too, will be thrilled with Little Acorns©, its speed and ease of use and its sensational ability to create profitable returns for you above the law of averages, I've no hesitation whatsoever in personally underwriting the 30 day no quibble guarantee for you!

Little Acorns© empowers you to reap lucrative rewards from laying horses to lose, whilst cloaking you with an exceptional and unprecedented degree of security to protect you against the damage of excessive pay-outs.

So, whatever else is important to you today, just make sure you are one of the first to hit the BUY NOW button to get your share of this incomparable beneficial resource whilst the introductory discount is available.

Best wishes,

Andrew David

PS. Remember... there's absolutely no risk for you in this offer. I'm here to give you every help and support to ensure you get the best out of Little Acorns©, but if it doesn't make a profit for you within the next 30 days you can simply have your money back. No questions asked!

PPS. Click now on the Buy Now button below to qualify for the low introductory offer while it lasts, and to get a 24/7 immediate download.

System Requirements: The Little Acorns© Low-Liability Laying System comes to you as a PDF file, for which you'll need the FREE ADOBE ACROBAT READER on your computer. The entire download folder is zipped and you'll need the WinZip tool or similar on your computer to unzip the file before use. Get your FREE TRIAL of WinZip Here. Nothing else to install on your computer.

The Unrivalled Little Acorns©
Low-Liability Laying System...
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